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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Booth Financial?

We are retirement planning experts. 

At Booth Financial, we LOVE simplifying and explaining the complex and confusing. Planning your financial future alone can be hard and overwhelming! We take great joy in helping our clients clarify and refine their most important goals — and working together to help them reach those goals. Our planning approach takes a holistic view of your financial picture to ensure that your insurance, tax, gifting, estate plans and more are secure and monitored regularly. In addition, we are 100% committed to putting our client’s interests above our own. Our commitment is documented in our fiduciary oath and our fee-only compensation.

What does it mean to be a fiduciary?
What is a fee-only advisor?
How do I know you’re acting in my best interest?
Do you work with virtual clients?
Who do you work with?
How do you help your clients?
Why hire Booth Financial Planning?
What’s your process?